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Building Surveying & Certification

From residential to industrial we provide the highest standard of advice ensuring compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standards. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the resources and guidance you need to succeed. To request a fee proposal click here

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What We Do

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We provide a comprehensive review of design documentation to ensure compliance with building regulations to issue a Building Permit or Construction Certificate and undertake the required inspections. Find out more about the Building Permit process here

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Through our detailed and established approach to assist, inspect and evaluate works erected without a Building Permit, we help you rectify Building Notices, Building Orders and Minor Stop Work Orders. Find out more here

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Town Planning

Assisting in determining whether a planning permit (or development approval in NSW) is required. If so we can help you take the necessary steps to get a Planning Permit. 

Picture of an Apartment Building for the Building Compliance Advice


Building Compliance Advice

Review documentation and provide Building Code of Australia (BCA) advice throughout the early design development stages and provide cost effective solutions to non-compliances found within the design.

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Essential Safety Measures

We undertake Essential Safety Measure (ESM) Audits, involving a detailed inspection of all ESM assets on the site and inside the building and prepare ESM maintenance manuals.

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Performance Solutions

Using Performance Solutions to achieve compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC)

Concrete slab for report and consent services


Report & Consent (reg. 116)

In accordance with Regulation 116 of the Building Regulations 2018, a report and consent is the process for consulting with and obtaining the approval of a reporting authority in the case where building works may affect assets, infrastructure or amenities of the community.


Inside of a cafe or our Liquor Licence Application Section


Maximum Patron Capacity

If you intend to sell alcohol from your premises and/or allow people to consume alcohol at your premises you will require a liquor licence and in most cases a liquor licence and planning permit. Examples include restaurants, bottle shops, hotels and sporting clubs.


Orphaned/Detached Building Permits are unresolved building permits issued by a private building surveyor who cannot complete their role. 

We have the capability and team in place to take over incomplete building permits and can assist owners through the process of appointing BW&A National as their new building surveyor and accepting the transfer of functions.


Expert Reports may be required where construction disputes cannot be resolved. 

Brent Williams, BW&A National Building Consultants founder and managing director, is experienced in providing expert reports, providing independent evidence for legal disputes in a tribunal or court setting. 

Fee Proposal

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Architectural building

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You can learn more about the process of obtaining a Building Permit here

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