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Expert Reports may be required where construction disputes cannot be resolved. 

Brent Williams, BW&A National Building Consultants founder and managing director, is experienced in providing expert reports, providing independent evidence for legal disputes in a tribunal or court setting. 

Brent has more than 40 years of experience in the building and construction industry.

Complimentary to his qualifications as a Building Surveyor, Brent holds a qualification in Rural and Regional Planning and is a registered Domestic Builder. He is also a current board member of the Building Appeals Board of Victoria and has served since 2013.

Brent has ample experience and is qualified with the technical knowledge to provide the highest standard of advice, should an Expert Report be required for your project.
Named Victorian Building Surveyor of the Year in 2007, Brent is a well-respected industry leader, who understands the needs of his clients, is passionate about continual learning and is an advocate for driving the industry forward.

For more information or to engage BW&A National to provide an Expert Report please get in touch.

Expert Reports

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