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Building Surveying & Certification

This section is exclusively tailored for industry professionals and is dedicated to providing advanced information and specialised insights relating to building surveying.


We have included links below to industry-related articles, fact sheets and videos. This section will be updated accordingly with resources that we think are relevant to the building surveying industry.

Curved architectural building

Class 1b - Shared Accomodation Fact Sheet

This fact sheet has been produced to enable owners to determine the statutory requirements for Class 1b Dwelling accommodation.

Can you still have a 10a shed on a farm?

A video presentation from the Australian Building Codes Board - Can you still have a 10a shed on a farm?

Fire Rescue Victoria - Industry Bulletin No. 2023-01

With the recent adoption of Australian Standard 2419.1-2021, Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) has prepared an industry bulletin, which advises of its preferred engagement pathways with design team members and the relevant building surveyor, when designs are prepared for on-site fire hydrant systems that are not within the scope of this AS 2419.1-2021.

Why Group Numbers?

This paper will be of interest to building surveyors, fire safety engineers, architects and other building designers, builders, fire services and building regulators.

What is the CITF Levy? (SA)

Change to The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) was created at the request of the SA building and construction industry and is established by an Act of Parliament known as The Construction Industry Training Fund (CITF) Act 1993 “The Act”

NCC Provision A2.2(4) and CodeMark Certificates

This article explains the relationship between CodeMark Australia Certificates of Conformity (CodeMark Certificates) and A2.2(4), and the steps a construction practitioner should take when relying on a CodeMark Certificate as documentation for a Performance Solution.

2021 NCC Seminars: Can the open carport concession apply to a patio?

This video discusses whether or not the concession within Open carports can be applied to a patio.

Building Note 111 (NT)

Building Note 111 provides information about the classification of residential buildings accommodating unrelated people who may require supported care.

Precast Walls: Thermal and Moisture Considerations webinar.

As a very common external wall type in commercial and residential buildings, when specified incorrectly, they have been referred to as the ‘wall of death’ due to the challenge of correct condensation management.

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