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Forms & Checklists

Below you can find application forms and checklists for the relevant state.

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New South Wales

NSW Application Form & PCA Application with Notice of Commencement

NSW Planning Portal

CDC Document Checklist

Submitting an Application for a Construction Certificate (Guide)

NSW Planning Portal Service Fees


Development Application Form 1

Development Application Form 2

Change Application Form (Form 5)

Form 11 Certificate/Interim Certificate of Occupancy

DA Forms Guide Forms 1 & 2


Appointment of a Certifier Application for Building Approval

Appointment of Builder & Application for Commencement Notice

Application for Certificate of Occupancy and Use

Form 4 Letter of Authorisation 

Building Commencement Notice

Site Work Notice

Northern Territory 

Application for a Building Permit

Application for an Occupancy Permit

Western Australia

Application for a Building Permit - Certified Form BA1

Application for a Building Permit - Uncertified Form BA2

Application for Occupancy Permit

Request to Amend Building Permit or Builder's Details

Application to Extend Time - Building or Demolition Permit

Application to Extend Time - Occupancy Permit or Building Approval Certificate

South Australia

Development Application Register

Development Application Checklist - Building

Development Application Checklist - Planning


Application for a Building Permit

Application for a Building Permit (Commercial)

Application for an Extension of Time to Building Permit

Application for Copy of Documentation

Application to Amend Building Permit

Building Permit Levy Calculator

Class 1A Checklist

Class 10A Checklist

Combined Allotment Statement

Demolition Checklist

Letter of Appointment

Search for a Building Practitioner

VBA Owner Builder Application

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