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To comply with the necessities of the council, you may be requested to engage a private building surveyor to prepare a report and Certificate of Compliance under the Building Act for the attention of the Municipal Building Surveyor.


Our compliance process is a detailed and established approach to assist, inspect and evaluate works erected without a building permit. 


Under our unique compliance procedure package, BW&A National can provide specific independent guidance to achieve certification of Council Issued enforcement letters like:

Building Notices


Building Orders


Minor Stop Work Orders

Simply request a fee proposal and an onsite inspection can then be arranged to assess the building works.

Note: To enable us to process the works, we need a copy of the building notice. 

We can arrange to make contact with council on your behalf, through to providing compliance reports & certificates of compliance for the building works. 

Our certification services are arranged in a two-part process with all reports structured in a user-friendly format including photographs to assist in highlighting areas to address key points for council officers and to ensure the building complies with the relevant building regulation requirements. It is important to note that there is no such thing as a retrospective building permit in Victoria.

BW&A National can deliver additional services including Planning permit applications and coordinate other building practitioners that may need to be included in the preparation of documentation, including: Architectural design documentation, Engineering Reports, Soil testing etc.  


We work electronically allowing you to simply email your required documents after the preliminary onsite Inspection has taken place. We then return the documents, stamped and approved, in a format for immediate upload to your local Council for consideration.  


In the Case of a Building Notice/Order, we understand that time is critical to ensure you avoid costly penalties from Council. We can be on site within hours to commence the process and work directly with Council to reassure them that the matter is being addressed which can help to ease the pressure on you the property owner.

For more information feel free to give us a call on 0418 322 782

Illegal Building Works

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