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Design for Access & Mobility - Zone for Location of Toilet Paper Dispenser

The Design for Access and Mobility Standard AS 1428.1-2009 sets out minimum design requirements for new building work, as required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

It covers aspects of access to and within a building for people with disabilities.

We are regularly asked about and frequently see incorrect implementation so we have produced animations to help make the diagrams clearer from a 3D perspective.

Printable PDF version:

Toilet Paper Location Zone
Download PDF • 161KB


The content of this video is provided for information purposes only.

While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure its accuracy at the time of publication,

BW&A National do not warrant its accuracy and completeness.

Viewers should verify all information before relying on it and refer to Standards Australia AS1428.1-2009.

BW&A National do not accept any liability to any person or organisation for the information,

or use of the information, which is provided in this video.


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