What to do if you have been served with a council Building Notice?

Updated: Feb 17

If you have been issued an enforcement letter like a Building Notice, Building Order or Minor Stop Work order you may naturally be worried and wondering how to resolve the issue.

Illegal building works are building works that have been carried out without first having obtained a Building Permit. In a situation where Council have been made aware of the non-compliance, the Council will issue a Building Notice or Building Order to ‘show cause’ why the works should not be demolished.

In most cases it’s in the owner’s best interest to engage a suitable professional to act on his/her behalf in order to achieve a more favourable result.

BW&A National can relieve the stress by preparing a report and Certificate of Compliance under the Building Act for the attention of the Municipal Building Surveyor in four easy steps:

  • Request a fee proposal and an onsite inspection (note: a copy of the building notice is required)

  • One of our inspectors could be on site within hours to commence the process and work directly with Council to reassure them that the matter is being addressed which can help to ease the pressure on you the property owner.

  • After the preliminary inspection has taken place, address the highlighted areas.

  • An assessment of all documentation along with a compliance inspection is carried out to confirm onsite conditions are now compliant. We will then return the documents, stamped and approved, in a user-friendly format including photographs to address key points for immediate upload to your local Council.

BW&A National can deliver additional services including Planning permit applications and coordinate other building practitioners that may need to be included in the preparation of documentation, including: Architectural design documentation, Engineering Reports, Soil testing etc.

We work in all states except Tasmania and are excited to announce that we have Kevin Downey a dedicated Building Compliance Manager servicing Melbourne and its surrounding areas.

Kevin Downey, Building Compliance Manager
Kevin Downey - Building Compliance Manager

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