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Council Building Notice / Building Order

Updated: May 15

What do you do if you have been served with a council building notice?

If you have been issued an enforcement letter like a Building Notice, Building Order or Minor Stop Work order you may naturally be worried and wondering how to resolve the issue.

Illegal Building Works

Illegal building works are works that have been carried out without obtaining a building permit or the use of the building or place does not comply with the Building Act 1993 or National Construction Code (NCC)

If Council have been made aware of the non-complying structure or use of the building, they will issue a Building Notice or Building Order to ‘show cause’ why the non-complying building or structure on the property should not be demolished within the time frame specified on the notice.

Receiving a show cause notice or any formal legal document can be distressing. In most cases, it’s in the owner’s best interest to engage a professional to act on their behalf to achieve a more favourable result and give you a better chance of rectifying the building notice.

By choosing to 'show cause' you are asking the local council to permit the illegal structure to:

  • remain in its current form

  • be corrected to achieve compliance

BW&A National can relieve the stress by preparing a report and Certificate of Compliance under the Building Act for the attention of the Municipal Building Surveyor in four easy steps:

  • Request a fee proposal and an onsite inspection. A copy of the building notice is required

  • One of our inspectors could be on site within hours to commence the process and work directly with Council on your behalf to reassure them that the matter is being addressed. This helps by easing the pressure on you the property owner.

  • After the preliminary inspection has taken place, address the highlighted areas.

  • Once the highlighted areas have been addressed an assessment of all documentation along with a compliance inspection is carried out to confirm onsite conditions are now compliant. We will then return the documents, stamped and approved for immediate upload to your local Council.

Our certification services are arranged in a two-part process with all reports structured in a user-friendly format including photographs to assist in highlighting the key areas to address to ensure the building complies with the relevant building regulation requirements.

BW&A National can deliver additional services including building permits, planning permit applications and coordinate other building practitioners that may need to be included in the preparation of documentation, including: Architectural design documentation, Engineering Reports, Soil testing and more.

If you have any questions or require any more information please don't hesitate to contact Laura on 0418 322 782

Kevin Downey, Building Compliance Manager
Kevin Downey - Building Compliance Manager

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