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  • Assessment of building permit application in a timely manner 

  • Comprehensive review of design documentation to ensure compliance with building regulations

  • Issue building permit / construction certificate

  • Undertake mandatory and non-mandatory (if requested) inspections

  • Provide occupancy certificate upon completion

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  • Assist in determining whether a planning permit (or design approval in NSW) is required

  • Submit application to relevant Council on your behalf and pay any disbursements

  • Draft a Planning Report to submit as part of the application

  • Liaise with the relevant Council regarding any queries or Request For Information (RFI’s)

  • Regularly request updates on the status of the application

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  • Review documentation and provide Building Code of Australia (BCA) advice throughout the early design development stages

  • Provide cost-effective solutions to non-compliances found within the design

  • Assessment of, and application for a dispensation (also known as Report & Consent) where the design does not meet regulations

  • Advise on protection work to adjoining properties

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  • Undertake Essential Safety Measure (ESM) Audit, involving a detailed inspection of all ESM assets on the site and inside the building

  • Provide comprehensive list of deficiencies found, along and rectification suggestions

  • Prepare annual ESM reports

  • Prepare an ESM maintenance manual, including calendar for contractor inspection / maintenance entry

NCC Audits Victor Image


  • Inspect and assess existing buildings for compliance against the latest version of the National Construction Code (NCC)

  • Prepare a detailed audit report highlighting the areas in which their property is non-compliant

  • Provide suggestions and advice to owners on the necessary building works to rectify and make compliant

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  • Carry out inspections on buildings that have been served by Council with a Building Notice or Order for illegal works

  • Provide advice to owners on rectifying the illegal building work in the most practical and cost effective manner

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Accessibility Access Reports Vector Image


  • Assessment of buildings and it’s facilities to determine compliance with the Disability Access Code