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What is an Orphaned / Detached Building Permit?

Orphaned Building Permits also called detached Building Permits, are unresolved building permits issued by a private building surveyor who cannot complete their role. There are many reasons why this may happen including the Building Surveyors:

· Retirement

· Insolvency

· Lack of insurance

· Cancellation or suspension of registration by the Victorian Building Authority

· Imprisonment

· Illness, or death

What to do with an Orphaned Building Permit?

In the case where a building permit has not been finalised, the owner will be required to engage a building surveyor to finalise the permit and issue a Certificate of Final Inspection or Occupancy Permit.

The owner can engage a private building surveyor by transferring the original building surveyors functions to finalise the building permit.

What is the Transfer of Functions process?

The transferring Building Surveyor must gain consent to the transfer from both the new building surveyor and the person who appointed the original building surveyor.

Complete the Authority to Transfer form and provide it to the new building surveyor.

The new building surveyor will then complete their section of the Authority to Transfer and complete the Transfer of Function on BAMS (Building Activity Management System)

The transfer of building surveyor functions takes effect on the latest of:

• the date a copy of the Transfer Form is given to the VBA

• the date a copy of the Transfer Form is given to the relevant Council

• the date specified in the Transfer Form on which the transfer is to take effect.

The alternative - in the case of the Building Surveyors Death, Cancelation or Suspension is for the owner to submit a Notice of Intention to Appoint a new Building Surveyor form to the VBA seeking the consent of the VBA to terminate the appointed building surveyor in order to appoint a new registered building surveyor.

Details to be provided include:

Building Permit and Owner Information

Property Address

Brief Description of the Work

Stage of Building Work

Details of the first Building Surveyor Appointed

The Building Surveyor taking on the appointment will need to sign the form and doing so agrees to take over the functions of the first building surveyor for the building work, including the enforcement of any and all outstanding building notices, building orders or direction to fix building work.

How can BW&A National assist with Orphaned Permits?

We have the capability and team in place to take over incomplete building permits and can assist owners through the process of appointing BW&A National as their building surveyor and accepting the transfer of functions.

Once the transfer has been completed and accepted, we start a full BCA assessment to ensure the previous Building Surveyor has assessed the documents correctly. Essentially starting the whole process again to ensure compliance.

We work across Victoria and have offices in Melbourne, Mildura, Swan Hill and Yarra Ranges. For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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