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Essential Safety 

Measure Audits

Essential Safety Measures are the life and fire safety systems provided in commercial, industrial and public buildings to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of an emergency.


Following the completion of construction of a building, the building owner is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, including all safety fittings, equipment and safety features as well as those items listed as essential safety measures on the certificate of occupancy/final inspection certificate.


Essential Safety Measures include (but are not limited to);


Fire extinguishers

Fire hose reels

Fire hydrants

Sprinkler systems

Smoke alarms

Mechanical ventilation

Emergency lighting

Exit signs

Exit doors and paths of travel to exits


Building occupiers are responsible to ensure ongoing compliance including but not limited to; clear paths of travel to exits, unobstructed safety equipment, tactile ground surface indicators, unencumbered accessible change rooms, non-removal or relocation of fire safety equipment from its approved location.


BW&A National provide building owners, property managers and occupiers; Essential Safety Measure Audits (ESMs) to ensure that the code compliance and statutory obligations are met with respect to ongoing fire and life safety reliability and maintenance of building Essential Services to ensure the safe exit of all person(s) from the building/tenancy.


An audit of site and internal building conditions is conducted to then provide a comprehensive report listing code deficiencies and omissions and rectification suggestions.

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