Building Permits

BW&A National provide permit approvals for large to medium sized projects, including but not limited to tenancy and office fit outs, multi residential apartments and developments, commercial, health and leisure projects.

As registered private building surveyors, BW&A National are responsible for ensuring buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient. This is achieved by assessing building permit applications for compliance with the Building Code of Australia to then enable the issue of a building permit.


The scope of services typically provided for a building permit includes the following;


Schematic Design


Review of schematic drawings, providing advice in regard to the regulatory impact of the proposal

Identify and suggest alternative design solutions which may be more cost effective

Provide advice on the staging of permits which best meets the project requirements

Review final schematic design documentation and provide reports

Design Development


Monitor design development and continue to advise consultant team on BCA and regulatory compliance

Attend consultant meetings

Assist design team on negotiations with relevant authorities

Assist in the resolution of regulatory compliance issues

Provide determinations regarding protection of the public and any adjoining properties

Review final design documentation and provide advice/reports

Contract Administration/Construction & Post Construction


Provide a complete and comprehensive check of architectural documents against the BCA

Review services and structural documents against the BCA and relevant standards

Coordinate with authorities all requirements in respect to drainage, public protection, hoardings etc

Ensure compliance with the Building Act in matters regarding the protection of public and adjoining properties.

Review final construction documentation and provide reports

Review independent certification of the structural and civil engineering design

Issue building permit in stages (where deemed appropriate)




Undertake necessary inspections during construction

Carry out final inspection of all stages as required

Liaise with statutory authorities and ensure their inspection and approval in a timely manner


Occupancy Permit


Following completion of the necessary inspections and upon receipt of all installation certificates and independent certifications, an occupancy permit will be issued.


ABN: 14 064 582 770
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