Service List

Building Permits

Town Planning

Building Services include the issue of building permits

and conducting inspections during the construction

process for the following projects:

  • Dwellings  
  • Pergola/Outdoor Area
  • Shed   
  • Carport/Garage/Verandah 
  • Swimming Pool-Fence/Deck
  • Commercial
  • Extensions/Demolitions

BW&A are available to provide advice on all aspects of Town Planning, including:

  • Planning Permit consultancy for construction of units
  • Industrial buildings and development land subdivisions
  • Change of land permits
  • Site analysis reports and general property advice

BW&A represent clients and deal with Council to achieve a destined outcome.




Liquor Licence Patron Number Calculations

We can manage the subdivision process from town planning through constructions to obtaining titles from

the titles office, giving clients a single point of contact, enabling clients to deal with one experienced firm, not

the many varied authorities and consultants usually required to complete a subdivision.


Be it a simple two lot subdivision in a residential area,

the more complicated rural subdivision or multi-lot residential subdivision, BW&A are available to manage

the complete process.


If you are looking to transferring a previous liquor licence or applying for a new liquor licence, you

are required to provide evidence of patron capacity. A member of BW&A National will visit the site and measure the floor area.


This measurement allows us to make an accurate calculation of the maximum number of patronage allowed. Once our calculations are finalised, we

will be able to issue a certificate stating the patron capacity.



Essential Safety Measures Reports

Project Management

Essential Safety Measures are the life & fire safety

systems required in commercial, industrial & public buildings to ensure the safety of occupants in the event

of a fire or emergency.


Project management is important to ensure developments are commenced and completed in

a timely manner.  BW&A can manage any project from sketch, during construction to completion.



Owner/Builder Reports


When selling a property an owner builder must obtain

a report on any ''domestic building work'' done within

a prescribed period of six and a half years from the

issuing of the Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Final Completion.


This report is inserted into the Section 32, Contract of

Sale as a way of showing the vendor has completed all obligations in accordance with the Building Act 1993.

The purchaser has the option to void a Contract of Sale

at any time if the vendor fails to provide a report







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